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About Tapestry Dance Company

Mission Statement: To provide quality and meaningful art to the community by combining our faith and our dancing to create approachable & thought-provoking contemporary work.

Tapestry Dance Company was founded by Sarah Rabbers, now Sarah L. Hannich, in 2010 although remained unnamed until 2011. Tapestry Dance Company is a pick-up contemporary dance company based in Chicago, IL. Our faith is woven into the concepts we present, the character of the dancers, & the integrity of the company. Our goal is to provide professional dancers in the community a chance to dance, perform and create together. We value the journey of each person and so we celebrate life’s moments as we create to share our stories. In the end, our purpose is to create a beautifully assembled work, that is a combination of many different textures and colors of thread. We join together, each to contribute in making a tapestry, that is presented through dance.

Ecclesiastes 3:4…”a time to dance.”

Logo credit: Amy Kuchan

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